Our partner for customs clearance

The security system - specially designed, made in Switzerland

A specially developed security system, designed and built by security experts from Switzerland, guarantees the highest possible standards of security throughout our entire building. Each accessible personal vault space and each individual vault can only be opened by the lessee using his/her personal code, guaranteeing optimum security and complete privacy.


Our standard

Individual safe custody

Protection level 10

6 eyes principle

Transparent list of stock in storage with updated values

Discreet parking in our high security area

Storage & trading from a single source

Insurance against all risks incl. embezzlement


Below you will find our latest documents including our price list, storage contract and General Terms and Conditions of Business.

Own building in Liechtenstein with own Swiss customs warehouse

Customs clearance and own customs warehouse in our building

Maximum transparency/web-based login and stock lists with seal numbers and bar numbers

Storage outside banking system with protection level 10

No counterparty risk/all customer stock allocated and segregated

VAT-exempt storage of silver, platinum and palladium