Why will your diamonds be in safe hands with us?

Storing your diamonds with Trisuna Lagerhaus AG not only brings benefits such as security, flexibility, maximum transparency in stock accounting and an attractive fee structure but also gives you the additional opportunity to use our own customs warehouse in Liechtenstein, so you can keep your diamonds in your name and separate from other customers (individual safe custody) in our Open Customs Warehouse. You can access your assets at any time and thus avoid having to pay VAT when buying or selling diamonds. Our specialists will be pleased to assist you with any further queries that you may have.


Highest possible level of protection/customs warehouse with protection level 10

Unique atmosphere that meets our customers' demanding requirements

Own customs warehouse for VAT-exempt storage

Insurance against all risks incl. embezzlement

Professional security logistics/National & international connections

Audits & checks in special vault anterooms that meet the highest demands