Frequently asked questions

Because that is how we are able to guarantee maximum protection for the customer and optimum discretion.


This is carried out in person by presenting a lease contract form and a copy of an ID document. If the safe deposit box or vault is being opened from elsewhere, we will require an attested copy of an ID document from the applicant.


They are the same as our opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.00-12.00 and 13.30-17.30 or by appointment outside our regular opening hours. Because of the strict security regulations within our building, appointments must be made in advance.


Trisuna offers complete high security conditions and the most professional services with optimum discretion: six eyes principle, protection level 10, insurance against all risks and an underground car park.


The Principality of Liechtenstein offers security (lowest crime rate in Europe), privacy, political stability and unconditional protection of ownership (no emergency laws) and has no national debt.


It is obligatory for them to be insured. Fees are 0.2% for standard insurance and 0.3% for anonymised insurance.

Any valuables such as e.g. precious metals, cash, diamonds, art, jewellery, watches, etc.


Access authorisations of any type can be granted and powers of attorney that continue to be valid after death.

The contents will either be released to the relevant authorised person(s) or to the heir(s) of the deceased on production of a certificate of inheritance.

This can either be paid in cash or by bank transfer in CHF or EUR. Precious metals are also accepted as payment.


Termination is effected by giving notice in writing 3 months before the expiry of the lease contract (by e-mail, fax or post).